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July 2010 Archives - Made Of Words

July, 2010

I Would Like to Be a Pin-Up, Please

Today, that picture came across my desk.  You can find this corset on Etsy at BoomBoomBabyBoutique. And I was once again reminded of how much I would love to dress up like that.  Small problem–lesbian big sister doesn’t approve.  In my experience, a lot of people are quick to jump to a labeling system, even [...]

Things That Are 8 inches in Circumference

Let me share with you some pieces of a conversation I had with my girlfriend a few days ago via iChat. jae: http://www.stockroom.com/Giant-Cock-w-Balls-Black-P88.aspx jae:  UM jae:  is this for real? (I would like to interrupt this conversation to tell you to go ahead and click on that link.  Go ahead.  Click on it.  Just make [...]

The Setup–WTF am I talking about?

Today it starts.  Hi.  My name is Ali.  That’s me, up there. A wise friend of mine told me once that it behooves a writer to keep a blog.  That way, there’s constant practice of craft and a constant audience.  And of course, being the ego-maniac I am, I love to hear myself speak.  That’s [...]