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August 2010 Archives - Made Of Words

August, 2010

The Container Store. Purveyor of Fine Sex Toy Bins

This morning I visited The Container Store. It is an OCD kid’s wet dream. Which means a few days ago when Jae walked in to our local establishment she almost needed to grab a towel to wipe up the come. And perhaps that close association with sexual pleasure is what gave her the idea to [...]

Madison–Capitalizing On Wisconsin

Jae and I have a new (and utterly delicious) addition to our toy collection. Her name is Madison. She’s a B-Bomb Vibrating Butt-Plug by Tantus. She’s the best 40 dollars I’ve ever spent. And she’s certainly the capital of My Wisconsin. How did I “come” upon this discovery? Well easy…remember when Smalls and I decided [...]

Wisconsin, You Are Beautiful

What could possibly be so pressing that I blog to you, my possums, at 12:30 am. I need my beauty sleep (because I need all the help I can get.) Google Analytics just gave me this lovely piece of information… So to my sole visitor from Hudson, Wisconsin, I apologize for making your great state [...]

Ladies Don’t Have Butt-Holes

I have trouble admitting that I poop.  Girls aren’t supposed to poop.  Because girls don’t do anything that’s stinky, smelly, makes noises, and puts you in the very unsexy and vulnerable position that is sitting on the toilet.  (Have you ever been walked in on?  Starting pitifully up at them like a guilty pit-bull caught [...]

The Transit Trance

Jae and I spent 18 hours one way, 18 hours back in a car together.  And our conclusion is we’re moving in together.  And I was reminded of a little thing that came across my desk ages and ages ago.  I wrote this piece a while back, and I don’t think it was ever published [...]

Vacation (This Time, Definitely Not a Porn Entry.)

I did a bad-girlfriend thing.  I neglected to make a huge deal out of Jae’s birthday in the most public forum I possibly could–my blog.  She jokes that her birthday didn’t come across my desk, nor was it something I felt the need to make up to make my desk more interesting.  Well, sorry Jae…a [...]


You can find this story in Best Lesbian Erotica 2012

Shit, Mucus, and a Road Trip

And now, my possums, I will tell my sixteen-hours-in-the-car-with-my-girlfriend-tale.  Bathroom by bathroom. The first time we sought a rest-stop, it was in Pennsylvania (and if you don’t know, Pennsylvania is a couple crayons short of a box when it comes to restroom distribution.)  We actually did not potty on this auspicious first stop–we purchased Dayquil [...]

Now Introducing Plans of Action (or Perhaps I Have Too Much Time on My Hands?)

Let me share a conversation I had with a friend, I call her Smalls (seriously, it’s not a phony blog nickname, that’s what I call her.  Actually, her full name is Small to My Tall and if you don’t believe me, look in my phone.  We were roommates in college.  I’m almost six feet tall.  [...]

Need I Even Say It?

Fuck yeah!  I could go get married in California if I wanted to! That picture came across my desk today because I sought it out.  Because today marks the day that a federal precedent is set in favor of equality.  According to the LA Times, this is why: “‘The evidence shows conclusively that moral and [...]