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September 2010 Archives - Made Of Words

September, 2010

Relaunch for October!

Well my possums… I’m back.  And I’m better than ever. You may be wondering where I was.  (Or perhaps you weren’t, but go ahead and let my fragile ego think you were.)  The short answer is moving.  The long answer is Jae and I are moving in together.  And it’s been a process.  We won’t [...]

Snippet of Smut (Keeping My Promise)

A small piece of something I’ve been working on: I want to pound you. I want to feel you pull me in. I want to fill you up until your breathing trickles into moaning, till it drowns out the electric fan and the rain on the roof and till we don’t notice the blanket of [...]

Porn Posting Fear (or “I’m a Pansy”)

So a while back I posted my first (public) attempt at, well, writing erotica (named henceforth as “Clit Lit.”) I am personally a big fan of the one-handed read. Short stories are my favorites, followed by videos that feature real live people with real live bodies (*ahem* The Crash Pad Series, anyone? Tell Jae via [...]