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October 2010 Archives - Made Of Words

October, 2010

Some People Talk Dirty…

…other people talk clean. Jae and I were talking the other night.  I’m a huge fan of dirty talk and I was begging, pleading her to tell me all sorts of filth.  She said she doesn’t like dirty talk.  I asked her if she would prefer to talk clean to me.  She started cracking up. [...]

11:46 on October 20th, 2010

I make no apologies when I ask Jae to pull on my clit.  I have this fantasy that she’s running her fingers along the shaft of my cock, even if I don’t have one strapped on. I stick my ass in the air, offering it to her, making it easy for her to lick or [...]

Things That Are Purple

To show my love and awareness-raising savvy on this day, the Spirit Day as declared so by GLAAD (the holy mother of the gays) via facebook (the social networking bible,) I’m compiling a visual list of things that are purple.  In fact, I googled things that are purple to help me douse my internet persona [...]

Today, I Tried to Write…

…and there was nothin’ doin’.  It was a no go.  An epic fail.  Zilch, squat, except for my P72.  Which, honestly, wasn’t my best work.  Maybe this is why. When I squinted my eyes today, this is the closest approximation of what I could see/think about.  As my eyelids tried to eek open, perhaps uttering [...]


So, my possums, this is actually a post I wrote for Andy, a totally rad (queer?  did I make that up ’cause I wish it so hard?) lady who (as far as I can tell) resides somewhere wicked on the west coast and enjoys very (well done) artsy photographs and making rings out of buttons. [...]

A Different Kind of Silicone Cock

Oh yes.  Yes, you’re seeing correctly. This is a product dreamed up from one of my co-workers, one of my fellow secret agents.  It is wonderful.  When he first slipped me one (that’s what she said) I told him that “These are perfect for lesbians.  The only dongs we deal with are made of silicone.” [...]

“Come” On–Shopping For Sex Toys Out of State

photo credit:  MadeOfWords. This is from my first visit to queer/lesbian Mecca.  Northampton Massachusetts.  Jae’s former home.  And home of this really sick peacock bench (I have a thing for peacocks.  But don’t worry, it doesn’t supersede my love for possums.)  I’ll draft something more up on my entire experience later this week, but for [...]

Happy National Coming Out Day!

I’m super gay.  Congrats to me. That’s actually all I was going to write, but something else came to my mind just now.  People at work have figured out that I blog a lot about fucking and the state of my vagina.  And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt [...]

You And/Or Leaves

Fall makes me want to snuggle. Or is that just my happy relationship? Am I madly in love with the leaves waltzing off the trees or the sweet, scruffy creature that fits with me in bed like perfect puzzle pieces or stones within the warm earth? Guess I won’t really know. Can I put my [...]

Let’s See How I Did

For the past 7 days I’ve been adding to the story I started at Butch Voices.  It hasn’t gone anywhere yet, but I’m renewing my pact with my porn for next week. Horripilate:  Waves break on my skin even while I learn your curves as if they were my own.  As I drag my pinky [...]