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November 2010 Archives - Made Of Words

November, 2010


Sinclair Sexsmith posts calls for her projects and I listen.  That’s how it works.  If you’ve never read her at sugarbutch.net or her other various sites, it’s very much time you did.  I’m basically a fan boy.  Seriously.  And with the launch of her new Top Hot Butches database, she’s asked for posts for her [...]

StumbleUpon = My New Blogger Crack

Possums, there is a wealth of information out there for me to gripe about.  Or render opinions on.  Or find sexy.  Or truthful.  And just think, I didn’t know about it until I StumbledUpon it.  I wish I’d thought of it first–a brand new way to waste more time and kill more braincells, and it’s [...]

Fuck Cupcake Day…This is Way Better!

Okay, okay, okay, my possums.  I know I promised you Cupcake Day, the second part.  But honestly, it just isn’t as good as this lovely little moment I stumbled upon writing my novel.  In case you haven’t noticed, the characters in the Clit Lit I write tend to be Jae and I–fucking between two other [...]

We Get Sexier Every Day

Taking a moment out of my novel writing frenzy, my possums, to share with you a pre-fucking moment experienced by Jae and I last night, said between passionate kisses.  Alas, it was too long for twitter.  But I felt you might need to know anyhow. Me:  Did you brush your teeth? Jae:  No. Me:  Oh [...]

NaNoWriMo and My Lack of Porn

So you may be wondering why you haven’t seen Cupcake Day Part Two.  That would be the complete fault of my novel and my strict deadlines for the month of November, made stricter by the fact that I’m behind (go, go, NaNoWriMo!)  My possums, I must lament, I barely have time to fuck let alone [...]

Cupcake Day (Part One)

It was the day after we moved the couch up the stairs.  My father actually beasted both of us–he was carting the couch up the steep incline while we huffed and puffed, both holding the same side and pushing like we were delivering children.  We are in our 20‘s.  My father is 67. The next [...]

On Sex Positivity and Perception

I know I promised you porn, my possums. And believe me, it’s in the works.  But I’ve been thinking very lofty thoughts while I’ve been cut off from civilization by my complete lackage of interwebs.  The inability to sign in to Twitter and kill braincells via 140-character stupidity seems to be feeding the head-muscle some [...]

Cablevision Can Eat Me

So Jae and I are all moved in together.  We love our new place, it’s very loft like with loads of surfaces for doing the nasty and then telling you all about it. Except for one small, weencey thing. We do not yet have the internet. Turns out cablevision lost our order, so now we [...]