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December 2010 Archives - Made Of Words

December, 2010

Happy Old Year

All around the interwebs, my possums, I’ve been seeing a common theme in New Year’s Eve roundups.  A resounding 2010 sucks.  Before I start off 2011 with a bang (literally.  As in, fucking my girlfriend) I wanted to state publicly that 2010 has actually been really good to me. I got together with Jae.  If [...]

For The Record

My bare legs have a sheen of peach fuzz on them–I have to protect myself from the bitter winter freeze, especially since I spend so little time with pants on.  Jae and I just unpacked the big plastic tupperware that we’d been putting off doing.  And out popped a digital camcorder that she’d all but [...]

Another Relationship Snapshot

Jae and I have matching pants–she accidentally bought one size too small for her, but having worn them and washed them once she couldn’t return them.  She bought the next size up and re-gifted the reject pajamas to me.  I am a good two to three inches taller than she is, so why that worked [...]

A Relationship Snapshot

We’re in bed. Jae sneezes.  In my face. Me:  You just sneezed in my face.  I got carwashed. Jae:  We share fluids and a bank account.  Hype down.


This came to my work email address.  I have the coolest job with the neatest company-wide queer listserv.  I also want to give a shout out to secret-agent-possum Anthony, who professes not to understand some of the things I write on here.  But when I pulled up this email, we talked for ten minutes because [...]

Things I’ve Learned From Writing Clit Lit

Okay, so this is not a Made Of Words exclusive–I actually wrote it for Andy‘s Sexy Saturdays at Crazy With A Side of Awesome Sauce.  And all these lessons, my possums, are becoming much more valuable as I unfold my next pornographic project.  You can bet as the development goes forward that I’ll be contacting [...]

Butch Lab Symposium Number One

Butchlab.com is rocking everyone’s socks (and garters.)  Love child of Sinclair Sexsmith and her giant heart for queer activism and queer identity, it’s the best solution for those feeling alone in their gender expression that I’ve seen yet.  It’s also just plain fun.  It’s got interviews, pictures (totally already went and found Kate Moenig.  Yum.) [...]

And One More Thing About Cocks

For someone who is pretty feminine and for whom butch is a very far-away identity I find myself being very fascinated with the possibility of packing and binding. There, I said it. The only person I’ve really spoken those words to is Jae. And at the risk of sounding whiny or repetitive, I’m wondering why. [...]

Save The Arts!

Reasons Why I Love Babeland: The Holiday Vulva

…this kinda speaks for itself…