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February 2011 Archives - Made Of Words

February, 2011

Why Anti-Choice Politics Are Our Problem

So…why does lezzie me care about abortion?  Other than all the news stories about it lately, what with the Republican House of Representatives attempting to pull all funding for Planned Parenthood, what with Phil Kline being on trial for unethical behavior as the Kansas Attorney General for interrogating doctors providing abortion and un-redacting redacted medical [...]

Happy Lady Porn Day! (or “The Story of A Porn Convert.”)

I know I’m chiming in late for Lady Porn Day. But I have a day job. So sue me. First off, brilliant idea from Rachel Rabbit White from Rabbit Write, a day declared to facilitate a discussion about women and their reactions and often complicated relationship with porn. But I don’t see why every day [...]

Hot and Cold

Valentine’s Day, in the traditional sense, interests neither one of us. If anyone gives me a bouquet of cut flowers, I pretend to be thrilled (part of me is, it’s the thought that counts.) But cut flowers are already dead. I knew Jae was special about two months into our relationship. Instead of giving me [...]

Dear Shine Louise…

Happy Birthday. The twitter told me that it was your birthday this past week, sweet pornography angel, beacon of light for all sex-positive queers. And as Jiz Lee said, when’s the orgy? I’m writing to you today to lavish you with praise, being that a) you are awesome and b) everyone should have a toast [...]

Bottoms Up (Thumbs Up!)

Like I said in my first Symposium piece, when Sinclair Sexsmith tells the world to do something, Ima do it.  And after a long, anxious hiatus of this amazing blog-carnival/roundup led by Butch Lab, here’s the second writing prompt.  I couldn’t wait to write about this one:  Symposium #2, March 2011: Butch Stereotypes, Cliches, and [...]

To Queer Mecca I Go!

I am posting to tell you, my sweet possums, that I have a half a week long vacay.  To Northampton Massachusetts.  Jae actually used to live there, so when both of us were gifted some vacation time from our secret agent jobs we immediately decided to peace to the north even if it was the [...]

Communication As Demonstrated By The Cute Underwear Club

I did another pre-judging thing.  You think I would have learned from last week.  But I didn’t–to err is human and all that jacuzzi.  I immediately saw the foot pictures and thought to myself, “Self.  You don’t think feet are sexy.  You will probably not like this one.  And then you will have to write [...]

Step By Step

The worst of all things has happened. Jae has decided on a term of celibacy leading up to our vacation (which begins on Valentines day.) According to my calendar, we haven’t fucked since January 27th (the day of the curious kitten.) Yes. I keep track of these things. Her reasoning? She wants to save that [...]

Loving Porn Star Interviews

During my last Crash Pad Review, I wrote crazy praise for the behind the scenes segment about each episode.  Which got me thinking.  A while ago Queer Porn TV hosted a live stream of a panel of porn stars at Evergreen, which (being an East Coast blogger)  I just caught the tail end of.  It [...]

40 Feet of Rope For The Win

Much to my dismay there was no new Crash Pad episode this week (Jiz Lee and JBird for the win next week!) so I had some decision making to do on which episode to go for, and believe me Jae and I watched a bunch of them.  She remembered one from a while back, one [...]