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March 2011 Archives - Made Of Words

March, 2011

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Sandy Bottoms

Ms. Sandy Bottoms and Kitty McMuffin.  Photo by John Gatta. Ms. Sandy Bottoms may be the most adorable porn starlet yet, with her pretty-in-pink aesthetics and cute-as-a-button smile.  She’s bad at bios, says she, so I’ll let her questionnaire do the talking.  Please, read her blog and follow her on Twitter! Questions About The Important [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Brooklyn Flaco

Brooklyn Flaco, another amazing Crash Pad star, is known in my household as that really sexy porn star with that really great back piece. For real, how long did that take? Who designed it? How did you do with the pain, or didn’t it hurt that bad? Also well known for the awesome spiderman tee-shirt [...]

The Effect of Penny and Vincent on My Fantasy Life

  I tried desperately to sit down and watch the latest episode of Crash Pad featuring Penny Letters and Vincent, tried like crazy to really truly write a review. I failed. Because I had my hand in my underpants. I plopped down in my rolling computer chair with a giant plate of edamame.  Raised my [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: J-Bird

Shortly after Jiz Lee emailed me their responses to Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire, their equally adorable equally amazing Crash Pad Series co-star J-Bird emailed their responses in. Photo By Tristan Crane Photography Taken from their bio, “J-Bird is a brand new member to the Queer Porn family. They saw their first Queer Porn [...]

Made of…Pictures?!

I’ve been heavy on the text lately.  Lots of rants and raves on news and the happier large text blocks associated with the Porn Star Questionnaire.  But I figured, my possums, that your eyes might be getting tired from all them gosh darn words.  I know we’re made of words here, and that that’s the [...]

Twitter Porn Party! Artcore!

As featured on Sinclair Sexsmith’s Sugarbutch Chronicles, there will be an infamous twitter porn party tomorrow evening (March 23rd) at 9 pm for those of us on the East Coast.  And guess what?  It’s free to participate.  That’s right ladies, gents, and possums.  Free porn.  All you need is a HotMoviesForHer.com account.  Basically, you go [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Jiz Lee

I very much love Jiz Lee, the genderqueer starlet we all know and love from the Crash Pad Series. They humor me in so many ways. I’ve been lucky enough to get statements from them in the past, such as their take on why we should pay for porn. And they’ve gone and done it [...]


I ran across a topic I’d never really thought of.  This doesn’t surprise me.  I certainly don’t think of all things.  It would be nice if I did. Intersex, according to Wikipedia, can mean a lot of fancy terms.  But the one that interests me most is that the term applies to “to human beings [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire

I only really got into watching porn when I started reviewing Crash Pad Series. I’m sure I’ve typed this out for you before, possums, but before that I’d really only read stories. Very sexy stories. But I’d never seen anything with a “porn star” in it before. Which made them fascinating to me. Yes, models, [...]

On The Term Partner

I use the term girlfriend to describe the relationship between Jae and I. When given the choice, that is. I’ve noticed lately that straight people don’t really understand the word “girlfriend” in the context in which I’m using it. Which I find a little bit strange, being that I’m a whopping 22 years old. If [...]