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April 2011 Archives - Made Of Words

April, 2011

A Love Letter to the San Francisco Department of Health

A huge thank you to the San Fran Public Health folks for releasing 100 years of sex education posters at 100yearsofsex.org.  Go vote on your favorite poster–some are hysterical, some are serious.  I can’t decide between these two:     What can I say, I’m a sucker for humor. Because this particular website is a [...]

I Love Cocks!

So often I watch porn and there’s one thought running through my mind. Not enough cocks. Not so with this week’s Crash Pad Series episode, starring Micah Riot and Papi Cox. There are plenty of cocks. I recognize that my porn reviews often turn into confessionals, but please bear with me. Because this one is [...]

Happy Easter, You Sex Blogger, You

A quick hit for today:  Jae’s Easter e-card, sent to me just moments ago.  From someecards. Independently of this, I also sent her an e-card within minutes, unaware that she had sent me one.  I chose the following. We are wildly inappropriate.  Happy Easter to you all, or Happy Sunday.

Dancing With Myself

 Never underestimate the power of taking yourself out on a date.  That’s what I learned tonight.  Tonight, I committed the very simple act of driving five minutes down the road from my New Jersey apartment, sitting down at Gotham City Diner in Fairlawn, and ordered some fries covered in gravy and cheese. I broke [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Ali Oh

So. I made everyone else do it. I asked a bunch of porn stars to fill out the questionnaire and they did do it. In droves. When I wrote the questionnaire, one of my goals was not to ask a question that I wouldn’t answer myself. And I specifically stated that you didn’t have to [...]

Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee Teach Me About Gift Giving on My Anniversary

My possums, I have wronged you.  I forgot to tell you what my other special anniversary Crash Pad episode was.  One of my go-tos.  Starring two of the hottest queers this side of the Milky Way. Jiz Lee and Dylan Ryan.  I wish you could see my face right now.  Just typing those two names [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Indigo

Photo by AM I feel like I’ve just continued right on from last weekend. Last weekend, I checked out a great new episode of Crash Pad featuring Cinnamon and Indigo. At the same moment, Cinnamon sent me her questionnaire. Shortly after, I received Indigo’s responses to the very same questionnaire. Coincidence? Probably not. Probably Cinnamon [...]

My New Masturbation Super Powers

Today, I was trying to write Clit Lit.  I tried desperately for you, my possums.  It wound up doing two things–turning into more of a short story with some sex in it, for one.  The other thing it managed to do was turn me on.  Jae was at work.  There was nothing to be done. [...]

When The Sexiest Stuff Isn’t Made Of Words.

Why Sideshow Rocks My Socks

Sideshow:  The Queer Literary Carnival had its one year anniversary last night.  The theme was “siblings” and the performers were Anne-E. Wood with a fiction piece in the form of letters written to a younger brother, Katie Liederman with a comedic ode to her sister featuring a story about peeing on her, and Kay Ulanday [...]