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June 2011 Archives - Made Of Words

June, 2011

“Sassy Pants” And Other Lessons On Dirty Talk

I love dirty talk!  And the combination of Ms. Maggie Mayhem and Tina Horn take it to the next extreme.  If you’ve ever been intrigued by dirty talk, made nervous by dirty talk, or turned on by dirty talk, take a few lessons from this Crash Pad Series episode with one hand on your favorite [...]


This is the sequel to Run Toward.  And it is not the whole story.  Which means there will be a sequel to this one too.  Ah, the magic.  Actually, if anyone remembers the complete flop of a story that was Cupcake Day (and I won’t be linking to it because I’m ashamed) it’s kind of [...]

Babeland Toy Review Trailer

I believe this might speak for itself. The first creative inklings of how I’m going to write my sex toy reviews for Babeland Toys.

Oh Crash Pad, My Crash Pad

I wrote a poem for Crash Pad. It stems from my extreme want for more porn. Oh Crash Pad, my Crash Pad Where have you been? I have very much missed you The lack of content, a sin Oh Crash Pad, my Crash Pad Where have you gone? Review topics are sparse When you don’t [...]

I Could Paint Each Inch of You

This is Jae, through my eyes and my very limited drawing non-talent. Done in the airport as our flights kept getting cancelled and we decided to ditch the plane and drive on an adventure. She’s the most amazing when she’s being spontaneous. And it makes me want to do things like sketch her poorly. And [...]

Preaching to the Choir

I first saw this in a post by Jiz Lee on their website. Now, I recognize that if you’re reading here, you probably already pay for porn. And if you’re reading here, you’ve probably already seen Jiz’s post. In fact, because the people I associate are mostly artists, writers, musicians, performers, and creators of all [...]

Oh Look. What’s That Over There? —>

This is a blog post about the advertisement you see to your right.  See it there?  It’s bright pink, you can’t miss it.  Thar she blows.  A Babeland banner.  The question becomes why I put it there. It’s no secret that I wanted to get into reviewing sex toys.  On top of writing more Clit [...]

Run Toward

Here were the problems that I saw:  the first was that I wanted to write more Clit Lit, more sexy short stories.  I was getting rusty and I really lost the reason of writing here in the first place:  to really hone a writing skill.  The second was that Jae and I get boring to [...]

Another Foray Into the List World

So my last list was because my hands were too busy in my pants to write in a more sophisticated form.  Which made me think.  Why aren’t my hands always busy in my pants?  It’s porn, it’s hot, why am I not continually making myself come while watching?  And then I realized.  Reviewing porn sometimes [...]

I Think I Lost Myself

The title says it all.  I’ve been doing this almost a year now…it will be a year in July.  The original purpose of this website was so that I could write about anything I wanted, without a theme and without a restriction.  It quickly became sex related.  Then queer sex related.  Until finally that was [...]