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July 2011 Archives - Made Of Words

July, 2011

Crash Pad Gives Me an Edu-ma-cation

My sincerest apologies to all–I haven’t posted in a little bit.  We’ll call that “Day Job Interference.”  And the worst thing about Day Job Interference is that it made me put off writing a Crash Pad Review.  In fact…I haven’t seen any porn in A WHOLE WEEK.  And generally I’m against shouting on my blog, [...]

Good Boy.

The latest installment in the as-yet Untitled Erotica Project.  A continuation of Bunny and Jane, where they left off in Strawberry.  It isn’t just a short story.  It’s a very short story. Bunny promptly handcuffed Jane to the bedpost. Then she went to work. On herself. And not the way you would think. She stepped [...]

Equal Marriage in New York Kicks Off With the Cutest Couple Ever


Today is my blogging anniversary.  A year ago today I started blogging here.  I did it on a whim after hearing one of my fellow writer friends suggested it as a way to make sure you are writing regularly.  I was like, oh duh, yeah, let’s do that.  And the writing project began.  If you [...]

You Know You’re a Sex Blogger When…

Not when you are published.  Not when you receive sex toys in the mail.  Nay, not even when the whispered gossip at work is about you.  This is when you know you’re a sex blogger.  When this series of pictures is taken in your household:    My Swiffer Wet Jet. Me discovering Babeland batteries in [...]

Their Porn is Hot, Their Brains Are Hotter

I have blogged before about how much I love the Behind the Scenes at Crash Pad, and every single one of them is amazing, but I have a feeling that Dylan Ryan and Syd Blackovich take the cake on post-coital eloquence.    So though their scene was amazing–they were so sweaty that they looked like [...]

I’m Going to Be in a Real Paper Book with Actual Binding

Well folks.  It’s official.  The Table of Contents is posted on one Sinclair Sexsmith’s website and yours truly is officially smack dab in the middle of Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 published by Cleis Press, Edited By Kathleen Warnock, and selected by Sinclair herself.  Jae says I’ll be insufferable because the very first book one of my [...]

A Rough Apology

Remember Mary from Kissing Bandit?  I decided to give her her own story, with her girlfriend.  Originally this story was called “Hate Sex”, but the characters started taking on a life of their own.  Characters are their own people, of course.  Please be advised that I personally don’t care for hitting during sex while there’s [...]

To Doubters of Writing

It breaks my heart when the people I love don’t take my writing seriously.  When family members say maybe my writing will take off and I can’t tell them that people actually do come to my blog and read my words, because then they would know I write about sex.  Or worse.  When people who [...]

Nubby G Review

It’s taken me a long time, but I’m finally finished. I animated a review of Babeland’s Nubby G Vibrator.