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I’m Going to Be in a Real Paper Book with Actual Binding

I’m Going to Be in a Real Paper Book with Actual Binding

Well folks.  It’s official.  The Table of Contents is posted on one Sinclair Sexsmith’s website and yours truly is officially smack dab in the middle of Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 published by Cleis Press, Edited By Kathleen Warnock, and selected by Sinclair herself.  Jae says I’ll be insufferable because the very first book one of my short stories is in has the word “Best” in the title.  I deserve a gold star and maybe a cookie.

In all seriousness, I’m gonna need y’alls help.  The publisher decides how many books to print based on pre-orders, and I want as many copies of this thing floating around for two reasons.  One is of course my narcissism.  And the second is the wet, sexy, hot, diverse, well-written stories you will find there.  I feel very, very strongly about this anthology–have you read this year’s?  I have and I’m reading it again right now.  With my vibrator well-stocked full of batteries and spare batteries and more batteries.  I read the amazing stories of others and I am both proud and shocked to be counted among them next year.  Every single story, whether or not it mirrors my sexual style, is pure gold.

So please.  Do it.  For the sake of well-written erotica that’s not of the bow-chica-wow-wow variety.  Do it for your queer comrades in pens.  And most of all, do it for the happiness of your genitals.

4 comments on "I’m Going to Be in a Real Paper Book with Actual Binding"

  • Satan says:

    i’m so happy for you! i love their erotica series. you can be assured, i’ll buy one! especially if you link it to your page – and you should! be proud. : ]
    (don’t suppose you could put in a good word for me – i’d love to be published by them, too!)
    : ]

    • Ali Oh says:

      OMG, thank you Satan (words I’d never thought I’d type, again.)

      I put the banner up last night–it’s just above the Babeland Banner. Pre-order that sucker, it’s gonna be sexy. Man, I should have like, actually given y’all the table of contents. It’s on Sinclair’s site and Jesus, it’s all my faves. This upcoming lineup looks really good, so if you like the series already, this one’s gonna be mind blowing. (Get it? Blowing? *crickets*)

  • andygirl says:

    holy crap! congrats!!!

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