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They’re Here and They’re Definitely Queer: Meet the Mayhems

They’re Here and They’re Definitely Queer: Meet the Mayhems

The porn fairy has visited me again, in the form of queer porn supah star Ms. Maggie Mayhem.  Maggie dropped me a line about her new site, made in conjunction (and often while inside) her partner-nerd, Ned.  It’s called Meet the Mayhems and I first checked it out not more than an hour ago.  I’ve been playing since.  In that initial email, Maggie said “Although we are a het-looking couple, both my partner and I are queer and we wanted to showcase that.”

I am here to assure all queers trolling the internet for a good one-handed watch that there is nothing “het-looking” about this couple.  In fact, I feel like using the term “het” in the same sentence as these two would be laughable when you see just how queer their site is.  Magnificently queer.  So queer that a gender-fluid flannel unicorn covered in glitter is born every time you click the link.  (Click it!  We want more of those unicorns!)

Porn featuring Maggie fucking her x-y chromosomed nerd bunny in the ass.  Queer.  A spot where Ned talks about a scientific study attempting to operate with less of a gender binary than others…that had a tent at a kink fest.  Queer.  A how to use a pStyle video.  Extra special queer–and good for me, because I never really understood the pictures.  Still don’t know how I’d clean it on the fly, but definitely more tempted to try it out.  As much as I like the porn, with the adorable nerd glasses and Ms. Maggie herself covered head to toe in fishnet awesome, I’m an even bigger fan of Encyclopedia Mayhem:  a gathering of information both sexy and overtly sexual.  As a physics challenged person, I can’t wait for a lecture from Ned using the bare breasts of a lusty lady as a blackboard.  Perhaps I will pay attention better.

So here’s the thing.  I want these guys to have a budget.  Badly.  I have never seen a pair of better asses (Though Maggie and Tina Horn’s Crash Pad Episode is kind of a tie.) and I have never been so excited about the non-sexual content of a pornographic website.  These guys are my kind of nerds.  You should visit their site so they have a budget.  Their porn is hand shot and still hot!  But I want them to have the resources to play with sound, to play while other people are controlling the camera.  I sympathize so greatly with what it’s like to have high expectations, want to start a revolution, and have two quarters and a stray euro to rub together.  The more the demand, the more they’ll be able to produce.  And the more I’ll get to see a giant lipstick imprint on the side of Ned’s face.  It’s all win from here.

3 comments on "They’re Here and They’re Definitely Queer: Meet the Mayhems"

  • Vid Tuesday says:

    I gotta agree about the content and not the gender making the porn queer. I mean, most of the work I’ve done was with ciswomen, but hardly anyone would think to call me a het performer.

    I’ve certainly been following the Mayhems for a while now, and for $8 a month? You better believe I’ll help fund them!

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