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March 2012 Archives - Made Of Words

March, 2012

Museum Piece

I wouldn’t call it a museum, but that’s what it called itself. One word. Museum. It was more of a gallery. It sold artwork, didn’t just showcase it, but it was infamous for being a little more provocative. For taking on art that other galleries, even other more well-known museums would pass up for fear [...]

Some Orgasms

Some orgasms aren’t had with the burst of flames from your mouth and ears and eyes.  Some are, instead, had with the covers pulled up to your nose, with your headphones and the music turned up.  Or with no music at all, just plugged up, your ears stoppered so you can feel each moan in [...]

Your Surprise is Coming in a Minute

  It’s been a while, Crash Pad. For a while, my breakup turned me into a sleeps-at-8, never-dates-never-masturbates, prudish hermit-spinster. Nay, those words are too nice. Perhaps a sex-negative curmudgeon would be a better descriptor. I didn’t even touch a vibrator for months on end. And I’m a sex blogger. For shame. I did watch [...]

In Which a Straight Guy Reviews “Fuck Jelly”

You may be wondering, Babeland Affiliate Liason, why I never reviewed the Sliquid Sassy Booty lube that was so graciously sent to me in the mail in, like, August of 2011. Well, here is that review. The reason I couldn’t review it is because I didn’t read the ingrediants. I know, I know, I should [...]