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Crash Pad(‘s New Site) is Sexy!

Crash Pad(‘s New Site) is Sexy!

It really was never not sexy.  I mean, put enough naked queers on a website and it could look like line-command DOS from 1984 and still be sexy.  And it didn’t look like that before, not at all.  It was pink and white, just like the production company name, an cute.  And full of naked queers.

The Crash Pad Series website is definitely still full of naked queers, and they have a whole new look to boot.  I spent just a little bit of time (read: a few hours) last week playing in/with the new beautiful site.  The number one thing I noticed?  Things are easier to find.  There are links to the character pages right on the episode page, which is especially helpful for me, as I generally link to characters in my reviews.  It could be especially helpful for you, as sometimes you just need a pinup-style shot of your favorite naked queer.  Or three favorite naked queers.  Or five.  Honestly, why pick just one when you can sigh over all of them?

The second thing I noticed were some really adorable buttons.  For example:

The Adorable Buttons


Also, this exists:

Shine's Face on a Dollar Bill

And really, the only thing that beats that is the Shine-on-Shine April Fools episode, which by itself is worth a years worth of membership fees.  (Yes, do it, become a member.)

And the last thing I noticed is the major-ness of this overhaul.  As someone who dabbles in the making of websites, this looks like it took eons, tears of joy, and screams of frustration.  And lots and lots of paid hours.  And as much as I like to believe Crash Pad runs on rainbows and orgasms, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.  (This is where you revisit the last parenthetical.  The one that says “Yes, do it, become a member.”)

Because really, who doesn’t want to see this all the time?

Seriously y’all, those legs are so sharp they could cut a bitch.

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