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Guest Post! Charlotte Dare from “The Harder She Comes”

Guest Post! Charlotte Dare from “The Harder She Comes”

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others. We have a super special treat today. D.L. King has a new book out called “The Harder She Comes.” I’m in the middle of reading it right now and there will be a real review, but for now I’m just telling you it’s worth it and go buy it. D.L. has organized a blog tour for the book full of guest posts from the authors themselves. So I’m really pumped to welcome Charlotte Dare as our guest. I’ll let her speak for herself:

The Harder She Comes

Thanks so much for hosting my post. I’m Charlotte Dare.

When I sat down to write “The Bucket List” in D.L. King’s The Harder She Comes, my main inspiration was, of course, my own dirty mind. But ever since I took a women’s studies course as an undergrad, a specific group of women always hovers like a gossamer apparition in my consciousness when I write—no, not the delectable array of self-empowered pervs who love this genre (I do love them), I mean a less visible demographic—the ladies who either barely arrived in time for the sexual revolution or had never received their invitation. They are the women of a certain age, products of the Rockwell painting generation who were thoroughly oppressed by America’s post World War II family values ideology long before “family values” became a clichéd conservative catch phrase.

Brainwashed as young girls into believing only sluts had sex before marriage and that sex was a wifely duty that must be performed whether she enjoyed it or not, and if she hoped to preserve her good girl image, she better not enjoy it too much, these girls never had a chance to develop a sexual identity, never mind a lesbian identity. Imagine never having the chance to explore your sexuality, to experiment with what you like and with whom you like it. Often these girls, horny and ashamed, rushed into marriage at 19 or 20 just so they could get laid. How could they figure out they were lesbians being married and pregnant barely out of adolescence? Instead, they suffered in silence for years wondering why they never felt satisfied despite having everything girls dreamed of: a marriage to the high school football hero, a couple of adorable, freckle-faced kids, scraped knees, baseball games, cook outs, camping trips and the rest of the trappings that accompany such domestic bliss.

But the real trouble began once they realized the cause of their discontent. Then they were confronted with the most gut-wrenching of decisions: pursue their own happiness and thus, destroy the family, disappoint everyone they ever knew and bear a soul-crushing burden of guilt by coming out or suppress their feelings and desires and live the lie to keep everyone in their lives happy. Some choice.

It is to these women, the ones who showed up to the ball at last call and the ones who never got to dance, I dedicate “The Bucket List,” a story not only about fantasy fulfillment, but the universal desire to live happily ever after with the person of our dreams. I wish that chance for everyone.

Look for The Harder She Comes wherever books are sold or find it on Amazon or directly from Cleis Press.

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