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Dyke Dating 101 • Made Of Words

Dyke Dating 101

I Could Paint Each Inch of You

This is Jae, through my eyes and my very limited drawing non-talent. Done in the airport as our flights kept getting cancelled and we decided to ditch the plane and drive on an adventure. She’s the most amazing when she’s being spontaneous. And it makes me want to do things like sketch her poorly. And [...]

Dyke Dating 101: The Brooklyn Bridge

We need to be less lazy.  So we made it into a date. You see, I used to be an actress.  Which means I used to move around a whole hell of a lot more than I do as a writer.  I used to have this cute four-pack abs–the bottom two that would have made [...]

Dancing With Myself

 Never underestimate the power of taking yourself out on a date.  That’s what I learned tonight.  Tonight, I committed the very simple act of driving five minutes down the road from my New Jersey apartment, sitting down at Gotham City Diner in Fairlawn, and ordered some fries covered in gravy and cheese. I broke [...]

The High Line

I’m launching a new…segment?  Theme?…with today’s post.  It is called “Dyke Dating 101:  The Definitive, Opinionated Suggestions of Two Queers Going on Really Badass Dates.”  And before you jump on me for the use of the word “dyke,” I needed an alliteration, so please forgive me.  You’ll see the category over there, on the right. [...]