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Their Porn is Hot, Their Brains Are Hotter

I have blogged before about how much I love the Behind the Scenes at Crash Pad, and every single one of them is amazing, but I have a feeling that Dylan Ryan and Syd Blackovich take the cake on post-coital eloquence.    So though their scene was amazing–they were so sweaty that they looked like [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Justin Mermelstein

Okay, so he’s not a porn star.  He’s my graphic designer.  Justin Mermelstein is the genius behind all the beautiful changes that have been taking place on the blog lately, with more to come.  (Come!  Heh heh.)  He did submit a bio to me, but frankly I kinda wanted to praise his name myself.  So [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Vid Tuesday

Photo by Queer Lens Photography Vid Tuesday is a shy nerdlinger of a porn star. He is often baffled about how he got into the amazing community of queer porn, but feels super lucky to have settled into his corner of it. When he’s not naked (and sometimes while he is), he draws comics and [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Courtney Trouble

  Photo by Broquez, Last Night’s Party I can’t begin to tell you how fabulously fierce this NoFauxxx-creating, Queer Porn TV-running, porn-making goddess is.  So I went to her website and thankfully found some words there that could do it for me: Courtney Trouble is the reigning princess of alternative queer pornography and had a [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: James Darling

Photo by Amos Mac James Darling is a porn performer, boylesque artist and proud lady-loving trans fag. A fey southern gentleman hailing from the Dirty South, he hopped a Greyhound bus and headed west to pursue his dream of becoming a full time pervert. When this prince of queer porn isn’t dancing his way into [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Ali Oh

So. I made everyone else do it. I asked a bunch of porn stars to fill out the questionnaire and they did do it. In droves. When I wrote the questionnaire, one of my goals was not to ask a question that I wouldn’t answer myself. And I specifically stated that you didn’t have to [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Indigo

Photo by AM I feel like I’ve just continued right on from last weekend. Last weekend, I checked out a great new episode of Crash Pad featuring Cinnamon and Indigo. At the same moment, Cinnamon sent me her questionnaire. Shortly after, I received Indigo’s responses to the very same questionnaire. Coincidence? Probably not. Probably Cinnamon [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Stair Questionnaire: Cinnamon

Photo by ironrockinghorse Cinnamon, also known as @cinnamaxx on Twitter, actually sent me her questionnaire with perfect timing.  I couldn’t have planned it better myself.  Because today is the day that I’m reviewing the latest episode of Crash Pad…an episode Cinnamon stars in alongside of (or shall I say on top of) her co-star Indigo.  [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Nic Switch

Photo By Ellen Stagg Ever since Nic Switch answered the questionnaire, we’ve been chatting on Twitter. And let me tell y’all, she’s one of the nicest people on the planet. She wins Miss Congeniality of this round of questionnaires! When asked to come up with a bio, this was her reply: “I am not feeling [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: 9

“Also known as Miss Lola Sunshine, 9 is a queer high femme poly switch, slut, kink educator, Leather girl, pretty pretty princess, and all-around good time.  She is a Glitter Top and a make-up bottom.  A part-time member of the local leather scene and a full-time kinky bitch, she\ co-hosts Revolution, a POC-focused play party [...]