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Plans Of Action

Shout Out NJ

Today’s post will be short and sweet about a topic that’s been bothering me all day.  Nay.  All year.  Maybe the past two years. Queer New Jersey I complain about it all the time because it doesn’t exist.  There is no such thing as Queer  New Jersey.  I Googled it and my top hit was [...]

Because It’s Porn

We’ve all done it.  If we’re bad at it, we use limewire.  If we’re good at it, we know what “torrent” means.  And all of us have ignored the nagging definition of intellectual property (which, according to dictionary.com is “Law . property that results from original creative thought, as patents, copyright material, and trademarks.”)  Now [...]

Hindsight (or “Where the Fuck Are Plans of Action?”)

Haven’t heard about Plans of Action in quite some time?  Well, my possums, that’s because I haven’t been thinking of them.  Truth be told my secret agent job got very much crazy around the holidays.  But Ali Oh’s back and in business and ready to take a critical look at my (uh, I mean, her…damn, [...]

Happy Old Year

All around the interwebs, my possums, I’ve been seeing a common theme in New Year’s Eve roundups.  A resounding 2010 sucks.  Before I start off 2011 with a bang (literally.  As in, fucking my girlfriend) I wanted to state publicly that 2010 has actually been really good to me. I got together with Jae.  If [...]

And One More Thing About Cocks

For someone who is pretty feminine and for whom butch is a very far-away identity I find myself being very fascinated with the possibility of packing and binding. There, I said it. The only person I’ve really spoken those words to is Jae. And at the risk of sounding whiny or repetitive, I’m wondering why. [...]


I am barely published, possums.  My resumé isn’t miles long.  I long to join the ranks of the bloggers I really admire (you know who you are–I’ve told you.)  Hell, among the writers of all stripes and walks I really truly love.  I do not want to limit myself or put myself in a box [...]

Mint Dot Com: Killing My Financial Dreams

Possums, this is my call for legal things I can do to earn money.  I have uploaded all my financial information into the ultimate pessimism software that the populace likes to call Mint.com.  And all indicators point to the same blinking red status–I’m totally fucked. Of course I know it means I can’t take Jae [...]

On Sex Positivity and Perception

I know I promised you porn, my possums. And believe me, it’s in the works.  But I’ve been thinking very lofty thoughts while I’ve been cut off from civilization by my complete lackage of interwebs.  The inability to sign in to Twitter and kill braincells via 140-character stupidity seems to be feeding the head-muscle some [...]

Let’s See How I Did

For the past 7 days I’ve been adding to the story I started at Butch Voices.  It hasn’t gone anywhere yet, but I’m renewing my pact with my porn for next week. Horripilate:  Waves break on my skin even while I learn your curves as if they were my own.  As I drag my pinky [...]

Get Off Your Lazy Ass and Write Some Filth!

So for those of you who have been inspecting closely, an item that was previously un-done is done-er than a well-cooked steak (almost typed “well-cocked.” I’m sure that says something about me.)  Yes, possums, if you took a good hard look at my Plans of Action, you’ll see I found a smut-writing workshop.  And once [...]