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This Has Nothing To Do With Sex • Made Of Words

This Has Nothing To Do With Sex

Autostraddle. Look What I Get To Do For Three Weeks.

    Autostraddle — “Common Gender” Brings A Queer Love Story to Bollywood. The cat’s out of the bag now, as my first post went up today.  I recently applied to Autostraddle for one of their contributing editor positions and was accepted on a trial basis for the next three weeks.  That link up there? [...]

Blog Hiatus Until August 15th

Due to GRE prep, I’m putting my blog on hiatus until August 15th. Wish me luck, my possums! I do not take standardized tests well! I’m going to need it.  

A Very L-Word Trip Down Memory Lane

The L-Word went off the air the year I came out. I just checked, because I didn’t remember. I never had showtime or HBO or whatever the hell it aired on and I went out and bought the DVD boxed sets to the detriment of my budget because I couldn’t stop. I was addicted, sewn [...]


I’ve thought long and hard about it.  I don’t want to stop writing here.  But I’m working on a novel and a screenplay.  And I’m sad.  I’m sad over my lack of having sex because I don’t want to have sex because my relationship didn’t quite work out the way I imagined.  The last thing [...]

We Left Each Other

I have been trying to find a way to address this on the Internet without being a nine year old or a bully. I have decided the best way to do that is to declare my good intentions, though we all know the road to hell is paved with them, broken and no longer shiny. [...]

Why “Fish Out Of Water” Was Really Important for Me to See

This all started when my father asked his church for their stance on homosexuality. Or perhaps it started earlier than that. Our church makes up the majority of my childhood memories and friends. We had the coolest minister when I was little. A live and let live kind of guy who preached love above all [...]

Why I Should Occasionally Post Stuff Outside of Overt Queer Sex

I wanted to take a moment to explain why I posted that sappy poem yesterday (it’s a first draft, so don’t roll your eyes out of your head just yet, I’m sure it’ll be good one day.)  The poem had nothing overt to do with sex or being queer, which really are my main aims [...]

I’m Sure of It

This is dedicated to anyone, and I’m sure there are many, who have sat in the parking lot in the mall where they work their shitty retail job singing “Louder Than Words” by Jonathan Larson, eyes closed, pretending they do not see the cold, soulless monolithic shrine to consumerism before them. To anyone who sits [...]

Equal Marriage in New York Kicks Off With the Cutest Couple Ever


Today is my blogging anniversary.  A year ago today I started blogging here.  I did it on a whim after hearing one of my fellow writer friends suggested it as a way to make sure you are writing regularly.  I was like, oh duh, yeah, let’s do that.  And the writing project began.  If you [...]