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a novel idea

Guest Post! Charlotte Dare from “The Harder She Comes”

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others. We have a super special treat today. D.L. King has a new book out called “The Harder She Comes.” I’m in the middle of reading it right now and there will be a real review, but for now I’m just telling you it’s worth it and go buy it. D.L. has [...]

Why I Like Perversions of Lesbian Lust So Much

I was only asked to do one post about Madison Young’s new project, Perversions of Lesbian Lust, where every piece of smut is inspired by the campiest lesbian pulp novels in the history of dykedom (like dukedom, only gayer.) This is my fourth post. And being that I just got promoted in my day-time jobbity [...]

The Moments at Which I Came While On Perversions of Lesbian Lust, Part One

Madison Young has a new addition to her Feminist Porn Network, a lesbian pulp inspired literary sexy time website full of pencil skirts, erotica, and camptacular hotness.  Perversions of Lesbian Lust.  While they are still working the kinks out (and in,) and while it is still brand new, I gotta hand it to them.  There’s [...]

Good Boy.

The latest installment in the as-yet Untitled Erotica Project.  A continuation of Bunny and Jane, where they left off in Strawberry.  It isn’t just a short story.  It’s a very short story. Bunny promptly handcuffed Jane to the bedpost. Then she went to work. On herself. And not the way you would think. She stepped [...]

I’m Going to Be in a Real Paper Book with Actual Binding

Well folks.  It’s official.  The Table of Contents is posted on one Sinclair Sexsmith’s website and yours truly is officially smack dab in the middle of Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 published by Cleis Press, Edited By Kathleen Warnock, and selected by Sinclair herself.  Jae says I’ll be insufferable because the very first book one of my [...]

A Rough Apology

Remember Mary from Kissing Bandit?  I decided to give her her own story, with her girlfriend.  Originally this story was called “Hate Sex”, but the characters started taking on a life of their own.  Characters are their own people, of course.  Please be advised that I personally don’t care for hitting during sex while there’s [...]

To Doubters of Writing

It breaks my heart when the people I love don’t take my writing seriously.  When family members say maybe my writing will take off and I can’t tell them that people actually do come to my blog and read my words, because then they would know I write about sex.  Or worse.  When people who [...]


This is the sequel to Run Toward.  And it is not the whole story.  Which means there will be a sequel to this one too.  Ah, the magic.  Actually, if anyone remembers the complete flop of a story that was Cupcake Day (and I won’t be linking to it because I’m ashamed) it’s kind of [...]

Oh Crash Pad, My Crash Pad

I wrote a poem for Crash Pad. It stems from my extreme want for more porn. Oh Crash Pad, my Crash Pad Where have you been? I have very much missed you The lack of content, a sin Oh Crash Pad, my Crash Pad Where have you gone? Review topics are sparse When you don’t [...]

Run Toward

Here were the problems that I saw:  the first was that I wanted to write more Clit Lit, more sexy short stories.  I was getting rusty and I really lost the reason of writing here in the first place:  to really hone a writing skill.  The second was that Jae and I get boring to [...]