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Oh Look. What’s That Over There? —>

This is a blog post about the advertisement you see to your right.  See it there?  It’s bright pink, you can’t miss it.  Thar she blows.  A Babeland banner.  The question becomes why I put it there. It’s no secret that I wanted to get into reviewing sex toys.  On top of writing more Clit [...]

For The Record

My bare legs have a sheen of peach fuzz on them–I have to protect myself from the bitter winter freeze, especially since I spend so little time with pants on.  Jae and I just unpacked the big plastic tupperware that we’d been putting off doing.  And out popped a digital camcorder that she’d all but [...]

11:46 on October 20th, 2010

I make no apologies when I ask Jae to pull on my clit.  I have this fantasy that she’s running her fingers along the shaft of my cock, even if I don’t have one strapped on. I stick my ass in the air, offering it to her, making it easy for her to lick or [...]


So, my possums, this is actually a post I wrote for Andy, a totally rad (queer?  did I make that up ’cause I wish it so hard?) lady who (as far as I can tell) resides somewhere wicked on the west coast and enjoys very (well done) artsy photographs and making rings out of buttons. [...]