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does this make any goddamn sense to anyone?! • Made Of Words

does this make any goddamn sense to anyone?!

To Doubters of Writing

It breaks my heart when the people I love don’t take my writing seriously.  When family members say maybe my writing will take off and I can’t tell them that people actually do come to my blog and read my words, because then they would know I write about sex.  Or worse.  When people who [...]

Preaching to the Choir

I first saw this in a post by Jiz Lee on their website. Now, I recognize that if you’re reading here, you probably already pay for porn. And if you’re reading here, you’ve probably already seen Jiz’s post. In fact, because the people I associate are mostly artists, writers, musicians, performers, and creators of all [...]

When The Sexiest Stuff Isn’t Made Of Words.

Oh My!

This review is a long time coming, and is less a review and more of a rant. One of my favorite sex toy shops lies in Northampton, Massachusetts just waiting for you to explore its walls full of sexy-time amazingness. It’s called Oh My and it’s been featured on this blog before. But on the [...]


I ran across a topic I’d never really thought of.  This doesn’t surprise me.  I certainly don’t think of all things.  It would be nice if I did. Intersex, according to Wikipedia, can mean a lot of fancy terms.  But the one that interests me most is that the term applies to “to human beings [...]

On The Term Partner

I use the term girlfriend to describe the relationship between Jae and I. When given the choice, that is. I’ve noticed lately that straight people don’t really understand the word “girlfriend” in the context in which I’m using it. Which I find a little bit strange, being that I’m a whopping 22 years old. If [...]

Today’s Moment of Stupid–Defense of DOMA

John Boehner has done it again–I’ve given quite a lot of words to Liz’s John Boehner’s Women’s Liberation Front, a movement to donate funds to Planned Parenthood in John Boehner’s name to both send a message and help out Planned Parenthood.  With Representative Boehner’s latest in a line of horrible snafus, I’m beginning to think [...]

Why Crash Pad Makes Me Want To Leave New Jersey

Or at least leave my dead-end. You see, the racking sobs I’m enduring right now may or may not have started due to Crash Pad behind the scenes footage.  They may or may not be due to finding out that a really kick-ass acquaintance who totally deserves it got her dream job at Babeland.  The [...]

Why Anti-Choice Politics Are Our Problem

So…why does lezzie me care about abortion?  Other than all the news stories about it lately, what with the Republican House of Representatives attempting to pull all funding for Planned Parenthood, what with Phil Kline being on trial for unethical behavior as the Kansas Attorney General for interrogating doctors providing abortion and un-redacting redacted medical [...]

Support Ms. Taormino!

SEX EDUCATOR AND SPEAKER TRISTAN TAORMINO, SET TO GIVE CONFERENCE KEYNOTE, UNINVITED BY OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY BECAUSE OF HER ‘RESUME AND WEBSITE’ Award-winning author, columnist, sex educator, and filmmaker Tristan Taormino was set to be the keynote speaker at Oregon State University’s Modern Sex conference, scheduled for February 15-16, 2011. Yesterday, she was uninvited by [...]