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fuck yeah

Happy Belated International Fisting Day!

I’ve been so busy lately (moving to Brooklyn, applying to graduate school, writing for Autostraddle) that I completely forgot to celebrate International Fisting Day on my own website! Jesus Christmas, I don’t know what came over me! I have a particular affinity for fisting, how could I have dropped the ball on this one? Fisting [...]

Say Please Reading on Friday the 13th!

I’m sure most of y’all have already heard about the BDSM sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica, edited by Sinclair Sexsmith is wonderful so far! And they’re hosting a lot of fun events to go along with the release. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Virtual Book Tour (my day is April [...]

Have You a Goodreads Account, Good People?

Because if you do, add Best Lesbian Erotica to your “To-Read” list. Also friend me and let me stalk your books. It feels so good to see work I’ve been a part of get fabulous ratings on Goodreads, almost as good as it feels to see my work in a book with an actual binding [...]

The Story of Two Girls In Like With Each Other

  This is the story about two girls who are in like with each other. They are neither in love with each other nor do they hardly know each other, but rather they strike such a perfect chord with each other just as they are. So many stories of sex and senses and emotions are [...]

Why I Like Perversions of Lesbian Lust So Much

I was only asked to do one post about Madison Young’s new project, Perversions of Lesbian Lust, where every piece of smut is inspired by the campiest lesbian pulp novels in the history of dykedom (like dukedom, only gayer.) This is my fourth post. And being that I just got promoted in my day-time jobbity [...]

Why “Fish Out Of Water” Was Really Important for Me to See

This all started when my father asked his church for their stance on homosexuality. Or perhaps it started earlier than that. Our church makes up the majority of my childhood memories and friends. We had the coolest minister when I was little. A live and let live kind of guy who preached love above all [...]

The Moments at Which I Came While On Perversions of Lesbian Lust, Part One

Madison Young has a new addition to her Feminist Porn Network, a lesbian pulp inspired literary sexy time website full of pencil skirts, erotica, and camptacular hotness.  Perversions of Lesbian Lust.  While they are still working the kinks out (and in,) and while it is still brand new, I gotta hand it to them.  There’s [...]

You Know You’re a Sex Blogger When…

Not when you are published.  Not when you receive sex toys in the mail.  Nay, not even when the whispered gossip at work is about you.  This is when you know you’re a sex blogger.  When this series of pictures is taken in your household:    My Swiffer Wet Jet. Me discovering Babeland batteries in [...]

I’m Going to Be in a Real Paper Book with Actual Binding

Well folks.  It’s official.  The Table of Contents is posted on one Sinclair Sexsmith’s website and yours truly is officially smack dab in the middle of Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 published by Cleis Press, Edited By Kathleen Warnock, and selected by Sinclair herself.  Jae says I’ll be insufferable because the very first book one of my [...]

Post Rapture Round-Up

I know, I know…we were all expecting to be beamed up today.  Or dead.  Or something.  Actually…if you’re reading this, you probably (like me) were expecting the day to pass as normal.  But I figure we should honor the world being around one more day by celebrating life as we know it.  It can be [...]