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gender fuckery

Museum Piece

I wouldn’t call it a museum, but that’s what it called itself. One word. Museum. It was more of a gallery. It sold artwork, didn’t just showcase it, but it was infamous for being a little more provocative. For taking on art that other galleries, even other more well-known museums would pass up for fear [...]

Have You a Goodreads Account, Good People?

Because if you do, add Best Lesbian Erotica to your “To-Read” list. Also friend me and let me stalk your books. It feels so good to see work I’ve been a part of get fabulous ratings on Goodreads, almost as good as it feels to see my work in a book with an actual binding [...]

Good Boy.

The latest installment in the as-yet Untitled Erotica Project.  A continuation of Bunny and Jane, where they left off in Strawberry.  It isn’t just a short story.  It’s a very short story. Bunny promptly handcuffed Jane to the bedpost. Then she went to work. On herself. And not the way you would think. She stepped [...]

Another Foray Into the List World

So my last list was because my hands were too busy in my pants to write in a more sophisticated form.  Which made me think.  Why aren’t my hands always busy in my pants?  It’s porn, it’s hot, why am I not continually making myself come while watching?  And then I realized.  Reviewing porn sometimes [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Vid Tuesday

Photo by Queer Lens Photography Vid Tuesday is a shy nerdlinger of a porn star. He is often baffled about how he got into the amazing community of queer porn, but feels super lucky to have settled into his corner of it. When he’s not naked (and sometimes while he is), he draws comics and [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: James Darling

Photo by Amos Mac James Darling is a porn performer, boylesque artist and proud lady-loving trans fag. A fey southern gentleman hailing from the Dirty South, he hopped a Greyhound bus and headed west to pursue his dream of becoming a full time pervert. When this prince of queer porn isn’t dancing his way into [...]

I Love Cocks!

So often I watch porn and there’s one thought running through my mind. Not enough cocks. Not so with this week’s Crash Pad Series episode, starring Micah Riot and Papi Cox. There are plenty of cocks. I recognize that my porn reviews often turn into confessionals, but please bear with me. Because this one is [...]

Butch Lab Symposium Number Two!

  Sinclair Sexsmith is kicking ass and taking names with her Butch Lab project, an examination of gender and identity and all sorts of things.  Plus hot pictures of butches.  And plus this cool idea, Symposium, where bloggers chime into a specific topic–this quarter’s topic was: “Butch Stereotypes, Cliches, and Misconceptions: What do people think “butch” [...]


Thank you to Jiz Lee for spurring me in to writing about a topic that I’ve been meaning to touch on lately.  Head over to their site for a little back story, but in summary they’ve written a piece on what exactly the term “genderqueer” might mean.  And at the end of their post, they’ve [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: 9

“Also known as Miss Lola Sunshine, 9 is a queer high femme poly switch, slut, kink educator, Leather girl, pretty pretty princess, and all-around good time.  She is a Glitter Top and a make-up bottom.  A part-time member of the local leather scene and a full-time kinky bitch, she\ co-hosts Revolution, a POC-focused play party [...]