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Jiz Lee

Happy Belated International Fisting Day!

I’ve been so busy lately (moving to Brooklyn, applying to graduate school, writing for Autostraddle) that I completely forgot to celebrate International Fisting Day on my own website! Jesus Christmas, I don’t know what came over me! I have a particular affinity for fisting, how could I have dropped the ball on this one? Fisting [...]

Preaching to the Choir

I first saw this in a post by Jiz Lee on their website. Now, I recognize that if you’re reading here, you probably already pay for porn. And if you’re reading here, you’ve probably already seen Jiz’s post. In fact, because the people I associate are mostly artists, writers, musicians, performers, and creators of all [...]

Another Foray Into the List World

So my last list was because my hands were too busy in my pants to write in a more sophisticated form.  Which made me think.  Why aren’t my hands always busy in my pants?  It’s porn, it’s hot, why am I not continually making myself come while watching?  And then I realized.  Reviewing porn sometimes [...]

Hail to the Porn Titans (a.k.a. 8 Reasons I Loved the 100th Episode)

The Jiz Lee + Nina Hartley 100th Crash Pad Series episode is exquisite.  And here are my reasons why, expressed in list form.  Because really, how could I write anything more sophisticated with my hand down my pants? The femme gets called “Sir.” Okay, so I don’t know how Hartley identifies.  And I get peeved [...]

Watch Porn Titans Fuck in Real Time!

It turns out pretty much all good things happen in May. As you now know, loyal possums, May is the month of my birth.  And I am, of course, a pretty damn good thing. Crash Pad Series is also having a birthday of sorts, a 100th episode kinda birthday.  And the filming of that episode [...]

Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee Teach Me About Gift Giving on My Anniversary

My possums, I have wronged you.  I forgot to tell you what my other special anniversary Crash Pad episode was.  One of my go-tos.  Starring two of the hottest queers this side of the Milky Way. Jiz Lee and Dylan Ryan.  I wish you could see my face right now.  Just typing those two names [...]


Thank you to Jiz Lee for spurring me in to writing about a topic that I’ve been meaning to touch on lately.  Head over to their site for a little back story, but in summary they’ve written a piece on what exactly the term “genderqueer” might mean.  And at the end of their post, they’ve [...]

A Crash Pad Quickie

So, generally I would analyze and review a Crash Pad episode and I would have some run-on-paragraphs about gender and consent and communication.  But today is Jae’s and my anniversary.  And we would rather watch Crash Pad and fuck like reproducing bunnies in the springtime than write about it.  So I’m giving y’all, my possums, [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Jiz Lee

I very much love Jiz Lee, the genderqueer starlet we all know and love from the Crash Pad Series. They humor me in so many ways. I’ve been lucky enough to get statements from them in the past, such as their take on why we should pay for porn. And they’ve gone and done it [...]

Dear Shine Louise…

Happy Birthday. The twitter told me that it was your birthday this past week, sweet pornography angel, beacon of light for all sex-positive queers. And as Jiz Lee said, when’s the orgy? I’m writing to you today to lavish you with praise, being that a) you are awesome and b) everyone should have a toast [...]