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me smarty pants

Blog Hiatus Until August 15th

Due to GRE prep, I’m putting my blog on hiatus until August 15th. Wish me luck, my possums! I do not take standardized tests well! I’m going to need it.  

Why I’m Proud To Write Subversive Smut

Events in my life have taken a turn lately and I’ve been writing things that aren’t smut. Actually, that have nothing to do with sex. And that has led to a strange disconnect–a sort of half and half split, a Jekyll and Hyde. And lately I’ve found myself in more and more situations where I’ve [...]

Why “Fish Out Of Water” Was Really Important for Me to See

This all started when my father asked his church for their stance on homosexuality. Or perhaps it started earlier than that. Our church makes up the majority of my childhood memories and friends. We had the coolest minister when I was little. A live and let live kind of guy who preached love above all [...]

Why I Should Occasionally Post Stuff Outside of Overt Queer Sex

I wanted to take a moment to explain why I posted that sappy poem yesterday (it’s a first draft, so don’t roll your eyes out of your head just yet, I’m sure it’ll be good one day.)  The poem had nothing overt to do with sex or being queer, which really are my main aims [...]

To Doubters of Writing

It breaks my heart when the people I love don’t take my writing seriously.  When family members say maybe my writing will take off and I can’t tell them that people actually do come to my blog and read my words, because then they would know I write about sex.  Or worse.  When people who [...]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasms

So it is taking me far longer to animate my first Babeland toy review than I thought it would.  Blame my previously mentioned drawing non-talent.  So I want to post something for you all to feast upon while I finish.  Jae stumbled upon this TED talk last night on her phone and immediately handed it [...]

Preaching to the Choir

I first saw this in a post by Jiz Lee on their website. Now, I recognize that if you’re reading here, you probably already pay for porn. And if you’re reading here, you’ve probably already seen Jiz’s post. In fact, because the people I associate are mostly artists, writers, musicians, performers, and creators of all [...]

Dancing With Myself

 Never underestimate the power of taking yourself out on a date.  That’s what I learned tonight.  Tonight, I committed the very simple act of driving five minutes down the road from my New Jersey apartment, sitting down at Gotham City Diner in Fairlawn, and ordered some fries covered in gravy and cheese. I broke [...]

Butch Lab Symposium Number Two!

  Sinclair Sexsmith is kicking ass and taking names with her Butch Lab project, an examination of gender and identity and all sorts of things.  Plus hot pictures of butches.  And plus this cool idea, Symposium, where bloggers chime into a specific topic–this quarter’s topic was: “Butch Stereotypes, Cliches, and Misconceptions: What do people think “butch” [...]


Thank you to Jiz Lee for spurring me in to writing about a topic that I’ve been meaning to touch on lately.  Head over to their site for a little back story, but in summary they’ve written a piece on what exactly the term “genderqueer” might mean.  And at the end of their post, they’ve [...]