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#sexualmisadventures • Made Of Words


#sexualmisadventures : Kitten Edition

Backstory:  This idea evolved when I did a post for Andy, an awesomesauce blogger truly credited later in this post, entitled #sexualmisadventures.  It’s where we, as a sexy twitterverse, band together and confess our silly sex moments.  I’m continuing that tradition.  Right now. Having sex with a kitten in the apartment is like attempting to [...]

It’s Official. I Broke a Harness.

This actually happened a while ago.  But my new harness should be arriving tomorrow, so I wanted to prep you, my possums, for my having spent 160-some dollars at Babeland (you can bet your tush I had damn coupon.  Yes, I’m on their mailing list.) It all started with Jae bent over the bed in [...]

I Can’t Even Find Some Way To Analyze This

That’s right, possums.  I can’t even find a way to make this some kind of intellectual article.  Perhaps, if given the chance, I could make it happen.  As it stands, I don’t want to kill the comedy.  Enjoy.

Things I’ve Learned From Writing Clit Lit

Okay, so this is not a Made Of Words exclusive–I actually wrote it for Andy‘s Sexy Saturdays at Crazy With A Side of Awesome Sauce.  And all these lessons, my possums, are becoming much more valuable as I unfold my next pornographic project.  You can bet as the development goes forward that I’ll be contacting [...]

We Get Sexier Every Day

Taking a moment out of my novel writing frenzy, my possums, to share with you a pre-fucking moment experienced by Jae and I last night, said between passionate kisses.  Alas, it was too long for twitter.  But I felt you might need to know anyhow. Me:  Did you brush your teeth? Jae:  No. Me:  Oh [...]

Some People Talk Dirty…

…other people talk clean. Jae and I were talking the other night.  I’m a huge fan of dirty talk and I was begging, pleading her to tell me all sorts of filth.  She said she doesn’t like dirty talk.  I asked her if she would prefer to talk clean to me.  She started cracking up. [...]


So, my possums, this is actually a post I wrote for Andy, a totally rad (queer?  did I make that up ’cause I wish it so hard?) lady who (as far as I can tell) resides somewhere wicked on the west coast and enjoys very (well done) artsy photographs and making rings out of buttons. [...]