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strap it on

Museum Piece

I wouldn’t call it a museum, but that’s what it called itself. One word. Museum. It was more of a gallery. It sold artwork, didn’t just showcase it, but it was infamous for being a little more provocative. For taking on art that other galleries, even other more well-known museums would pass up for fear [...]

Good Boy.

The latest installment in the as-yet Untitled Erotica Project.  A continuation of Bunny and Jane, where they left off in Strawberry.  It isn’t just a short story.  It’s a very short story. Bunny promptly handcuffed Jane to the bedpost. Then she went to work. On herself. And not the way you would think. She stepped [...]

I Love Cocks!

So often I watch porn and there’s one thought running through my mind. Not enough cocks. Not so with this week’s Crash Pad Series episode, starring Micah Riot and Papi Cox. There are plenty of cocks. I recognize that my porn reviews often turn into confessionals, but please bear with me. Because this one is [...]

Face Down, Ass Up, Lips Sealed

It was a unique way to watch a Crash Pad episode. How was it a unique way?  Well, I was watching Cinnamon on the screen at the same time as writing the introduction to her Porn Star Questionnaire responses.  And when that happens, you notice that the answer to favorite position (face down, ass up) [...]

Oh My!

This review is a long time coming, and is less a review and more of a rant. One of my favorite sex toy shops lies in Northampton, Massachusetts just waiting for you to explore its walls full of sexy-time amazingness. It’s called Oh My and it’s been featured on this blog before. But on the [...]

Bottoms Up (Thumbs Up!)

Like I said in my first Symposium piece, when Sinclair Sexsmith tells the world to do something, Ima do it.  And after a long, anxious hiatus of this amazing blog-carnival/roundup led by Butch Lab, here’s the second writing prompt.  I couldn’t wait to write about this one:  Symposium #2, March 2011: Butch Stereotypes, Cliches, and [...]

Step By Step

The worst of all things has happened. Jae has decided on a term of celibacy leading up to our vacation (which begins on Valentines day.) According to my calendar, we haven’t fucked since January 27th (the day of the curious kitten.) Yes. I keep track of these things. Her reasoning? She wants to save that [...]

40 Feet of Rope For The Win

Much to my dismay there was no new Crash Pad episode this week (Jiz Lee and JBird for the win next week!) so I had some decision making to do on which episode to go for, and believe me Jae and I watched a bunch of them.  She remembered one from a while back, one [...]

Interview with Jae

So I know I mentioned, my possums, that I dropped a ton of money at Babeland shopping for a new harness after I fucked mine to pieces.  Now I will discuss the contents of that happy, happy package.  In fact, I ordered…a package.  A cock for Jae and a harness for me and a vibrator [...]

It’s Official. I Broke a Harness.

This actually happened a while ago.  But my new harness should be arriving tomorrow, so I wanted to prep you, my possums, for my having spent 160-some dollars at Babeland (you can bet your tush I had damn coupon.  Yes, I’m on their mailing list.) It all started with Jae bent over the bed in [...]