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Symposium • Made Of Words


Butch Lab Symposium Number Two!

  Sinclair Sexsmith is kicking ass and taking names with her Butch Lab project, an examination of gender and identity and all sorts of things.  Plus hot pictures of butches.  And plus this cool idea, Symposium, where bloggers chime into a specific topic–this quarter’s topic was: “Butch Stereotypes, Cliches, and Misconceptions: What do people think “butch” [...]

Bottoms Up (Thumbs Up!)

Like I said in my first Symposium piece, when Sinclair Sexsmith tells the world to do something, Ima do it.  And after a long, anxious hiatus of this amazing blog-carnival/roundup led by Butch Lab, here’s the second writing prompt.  I couldn’t wait to write about this one:  Symposium #2, March 2011: Butch Stereotypes, Cliches, and [...]

Butch Lab Symposium Number One

Butchlab.com is rocking everyone’s socks (and garters.)  Love child of Sinclair Sexsmith and her giant heart for queer activism and queer identity, it’s the best solution for those feeling alone in their gender expression that I’ve seen yet.  It’s also just plain fun.  It’s got interviews, pictures (totally already went and found Kate Moenig.  Yum.) [...]


Sinclair Sexsmith posts calls for her projects and I listen.  That’s how it works.  If you’ve never read her at sugarbutch.net or her other various sites, it’s very much time you did.  I’m basically a fan boy.  Seriously.  And with the launch of her new Top Hot Butches database, she’s asked for posts for her [...]