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Toyfriend Mini Review


Babeland Sent Me A Toy in the Mail! Soon, There Will Be a Review


In Which a Straight Guy Reviews “Fuck Jelly”

You may be wondering, Babeland Affiliate Liason, why I never reviewed the Sliquid Sassy Booty lube that was so graciously sent to me in the mail in, like, August of 2011. Well, here is that review. The reason I couldn’t review it is because I didn’t read the ingrediants. I know, I know, I should [...]

You Know You’re a Sex Blogger When…

Not when you are published.  Not when you receive sex toys in the mail.  Nay, not even when the whispered gossip at work is about you.  This is when you know you’re a sex blogger.  When this series of pictures is taken in your household:    My Swiffer Wet Jet. Me discovering Babeland batteries in [...]

Nubby G Review

It’s taken me a long time, but I’m finally finished. I animated a review of Babeland’s Nubby G Vibrator.

Babeland Toy Review Trailer

I believe this might speak for itself. The first creative inklings of how I’m going to write my sex toy reviews for Babeland Toys.

Oh Look. What’s That Over There? —>

This is a blog post about the advertisement you see to your right.  See it there?  It’s bright pink, you can’t miss it.  Thar she blows.  A Babeland banner.  The question becomes why I put it there. It’s no secret that I wanted to get into reviewing sex toys.  On top of writing more Clit [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: James Darling

Photo by Amos Mac James Darling is a porn performer, boylesque artist and proud lady-loving trans fag. A fey southern gentleman hailing from the Dirty South, he hopped a Greyhound bus and headed west to pursue his dream of becoming a full time pervert. When this prince of queer porn isn’t dancing his way into [...]

Ali Oh’s Amazing Porn Star Questionnaire: Ali Oh

So. I made everyone else do it. I asked a bunch of porn stars to fill out the questionnaire and they did do it. In droves. When I wrote the questionnaire, one of my goals was not to ask a question that I wouldn’t answer myself. And I specifically stated that you didn’t have to [...]

My New Masturbation Super Powers

Today, I was trying to write Clit Lit.  I tried desperately for you, my possums.  It wound up doing two things–turning into more of a short story with some sex in it, for one.  The other thing it managed to do was turn me on.  Jae was at work.  There was nothing to be done. [...]