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virtually pointless

Why I’m Proud To Write Subversive Smut

Events in my life have taken a turn lately and I’ve been writing things that aren’t smut. Actually, that have nothing to do with sex. And that has led to a strange disconnect–a sort of half and half split, a Jekyll and Hyde. And lately I’ve found myself in more and more situations where I’ve [...]

Why I Should Occasionally Post Stuff Outside of Overt Queer Sex

I wanted to take a moment to explain why I posted that sappy poem yesterday (it’s a first draft, so don’t roll your eyes out of your head just yet, I’m sure it’ll be good one day.)  The poem had nothing overt to do with sex or being queer, which really are my main aims [...]

I’m Sure of It

This is dedicated to anyone, and I’m sure there are many, who have sat in the parking lot in the mall where they work their shitty retail job singing “Louder Than Words” by Jonathan Larson, eyes closed, pretending they do not see the cold, soulless monolithic shrine to consumerism before them. To anyone who sits [...]

I Could Paint Each Inch of You

This is Jae, through my eyes and my very limited drawing non-talent. Done in the airport as our flights kept getting cancelled and we decided to ditch the plane and drive on an adventure. She’s the most amazing when she’s being spontaneous. And it makes me want to do things like sketch her poorly. And [...]

Dyke Dating 101: The Brooklyn Bridge

We need to be less lazy.  So we made it into a date. You see, I used to be an actress.  Which means I used to move around a whole hell of a lot more than I do as a writer.  I used to have this cute four-pack abs–the bottom two that would have made [...]

Post Rapture Round-Up

I know, I know…we were all expecting to be beamed up today.  Or dead.  Or something.  Actually…if you’re reading this, you probably (like me) were expecting the day to pass as normal.  But I figure we should honor the world being around one more day by celebrating life as we know it.  It can be [...]

Happy Easter, You Sex Blogger, You

A quick hit for today:  Jae’s Easter e-card, sent to me just moments ago.  From someecards. Independently of this, I also sent her an e-card within minutes, unaware that she had sent me one.  I chose the following. We are wildly inappropriate.  Happy Easter to you all, or Happy Sunday.

Made of…Pictures?!

I’ve been heavy on the text lately.  Lots of rants and raves on news and the happier large text blocks associated with the Porn Star Questionnaire.  But I figured, my possums, that your eyes might be getting tired from all them gosh darn words.  I know we’re made of words here, and that that’s the [...]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Bin, the best friend who incited the Billy Castro Vocabulary Lesson, posted this on her facebook this morning.  It has nothing to with sex or queer theory or anything.  But hey, possums, we all have varying interests, right?  So though I am not one bit Irish and I don’t really drink heavily, here’s to those [...]

A Photographic Interlude

Of dirty bananas. Also, a warning…I’m sick of the way the blog looks again. Which means be prepared for a little bit of wonky appearance changing today and throughout the next week. But for now, enjoy the bananas. Source: owni.eu