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warning: poetry

Some Orgasms

Some orgasms aren’t had with the burst of flames from your mouth and ears and eyes.  Some are, instead, had with the covers pulled up to your nose, with your headphones and the music turned up.  Or with no music at all, just plugged up, your ears stoppered so you can feel each moan in [...]

I’m Sure of It

This is dedicated to anyone, and I’m sure there are many, who have sat in the parking lot in the mall where they work their shitty retail job singing “Louder Than Words” by Jonathan Larson, eyes closed, pretending they do not see the cold, soulless monolithic shrine to consumerism before them. To anyone who sits [...]

Why Sideshow Rocks My Socks

Sideshow:  The Queer Literary Carnival had its one year anniversary last night.  The theme was “siblings” and the performers were Anne-E. Wood with a fiction piece in the form of letters written to a younger brother, Katie Liederman with a comedic ode to her sister featuring a story about peeing on her, and Kay Ulanday [...]

On Your Cock…

I told you I’d write you more. And I am. Today, I’m writing you about your cock. If he were ambulant, he’d wear sweater vests and Thick… Glasses And take me to wine bars on the Upper West Side. Much like you Except you’re too self conscious to wear sweater vests (You could totally pull [...]

Things I’ve Learned From Writing Clit Lit

Okay, so this is not a Made Of Words exclusive–I actually wrote it for Andy‘s Sexy Saturdays at Crazy With A Side of Awesome Sauce.  And all these lessons, my possums, are becoming much more valuable as I unfold my next pornographic project.  You can bet as the development goes forward that I’ll be contacting [...]

Perhaps Three Months Ago And Also Right Now

Simultaneous.  Together. Joined from the mouth to the hip, the mouth to the hip a circle of skin standing on end and muttered complaints of floods and fire. Screamed into mouthfuls of eachother until we vibrate with the sound deep in our being and deep in our centers of pleasure and deep in our flesh. [...]

You And/Or Leaves

Fall makes me want to snuggle. Or is that just my happy relationship? Am I madly in love with the leaves waltzing off the trees or the sweet, scruffy creature that fits with me in bed like perfect puzzle pieces or stones within the warm earth? Guess I won’t really know. Can I put my [...]