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we sexy

You Know You’re a Sex Blogger When…

Not when you are published.  Not when you receive sex toys in the mail.  Nay, not even when the whispered gossip at work is about you.  This is when you know you’re a sex blogger.  When this series of pictures is taken in your household:    My Swiffer Wet Jet. Me discovering Babeland batteries in [...]

Happy Easter, You Sex Blogger, You

A quick hit for today:  Jae’s Easter e-card, sent to me just moments ago.  From someecards. Independently of this, I also sent her an e-card within minutes, unaware that she had sent me one.  I chose the following. We are wildly inappropriate.  Happy Easter to you all, or Happy Sunday.

#sexualmisadventures : Kitten Edition

Backstory:  This idea evolved when I did a post for Andy, an awesomesauce blogger truly credited later in this post, entitled #sexualmisadventures.  It’s where we, as a sexy twitterverse, band together and confess our silly sex moments.  I’m continuing that tradition.  Right now. Having sex with a kitten in the apartment is like attempting to [...]

Interview with Jae

So I know I mentioned, my possums, that I dropped a ton of money at Babeland shopping for a new harness after I fucked mine to pieces.  Now I will discuss the contents of that happy, happy package.  In fact, I ordered…a package.  A cock for Jae and a harness for me and a vibrator [...]

Posting Around A Kitten And a New Dyke Haircut

I wanted to apologize for my spotty posting, possums.  Here’s why I’ve been having so much trouble. When you’re trying to type your post around a kitten, it goes a little slower.  Jae and I added a new member of our family this weekend.  His name is Puck (not after the porn star, but after [...]

Treat With Love

There have been a lot of things that frustrated me this week.  I was trying to pick which ones to bitch about.  Like Harp’s grocery store selling a magazine with Elton John’s family with a shield on it…a family shield.  To protect families.  Thank goodness corporate reversed that shit.  Or how my girlfriend, amazing though [...]

Another Relationship Snapshot

Jae and I have matching pants–she accidentally bought one size too small for her, but having worn them and washed them once she couldn’t return them.  She bought the next size up and re-gifted the reject pajamas to me.  I am a good two to three inches taller than she is, so why that worked [...]

A Relationship Snapshot

We’re in bed. Jae sneezes.  In my face. Me:  You just sneezed in my face.  I got carwashed. Jae:  We share fluids and a bank account.  Hype down.

We Get Sexier Every Day

Taking a moment out of my novel writing frenzy, my possums, to share with you a pre-fucking moment experienced by Jae and I last night, said between passionate kisses.  Alas, it was too long for twitter.  But I felt you might need to know anyhow. Me:  Did you brush your teeth? Jae:  No. Me:  Oh [...]

Some People Talk Dirty…

…other people talk clean. Jae and I were talking the other night.  I’m a huge fan of dirty talk and I was begging, pleading her to tell me all sorts of filth.  She said she doesn’t like dirty talk.  I asked her if she would prefer to talk clean to me.  She started cracking up. [...]