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Why I’m Proud To Write Subversive Smut

Events in my life have taken a turn lately and I’ve been writing things that aren’t smut. Actually, that have nothing to do with sex. And that has led to a strange disconnect–a sort of half and half split, a Jekyll and Hyde. And lately I’ve found myself in more and more situations where I’ve [...]

We Left Each Other

I have been trying to find a way to address this on the Internet without being a nine year old or a bully. I have decided the best way to do that is to declare my good intentions, though we all know the road to hell is paved with them, broken and no longer shiny. [...]

Oh My!

This review is a long time coming, and is less a review and more of a rant. One of my favorite sex toy shops lies in Northampton, Massachusetts just waiting for you to explore its walls full of sexy-time amazingness. It’s called Oh My and it’s been featured on this blog before. But on the [...]

On The Term Partner

I use the term girlfriend to describe the relationship between Jae and I. When given the choice, that is. I’ve noticed lately that straight people don’t really understand the word “girlfriend” in the context in which I’m using it. Which I find a little bit strange, being that I’m a whopping 22 years old. If [...]

Why Crash Pad Makes Me Want To Leave New Jersey

Or at least leave my dead-end. You see, the racking sobs I’m enduring right now may or may not have started due to Crash Pad behind the scenes footage.  They may or may not be due to finding out that a really kick-ass acquaintance who totally deserves it got her dream job at Babeland.  The [...]

Shout Out NJ

Today’s post will be short and sweet about a topic that’s been bothering me all day.  Nay.  All year.  Maybe the past two years. Queer New Jersey I complain about it all the time because it doesn’t exist.  There is no such thing as Queer  New Jersey.  I Googled it and my top hit was [...]

Step By Step

The worst of all things has happened. Jae has decided on a term of celibacy leading up to our vacation (which begins on Valentines day.) According to my calendar, we haven’t fucked since January 27th (the day of the curious kitten.) Yes. I keep track of these things. Her reasoning? She wants to save that [...]

Loving Porn Star Interviews

During my last Crash Pad Review, I wrote crazy praise for the behind the scenes segment about each episode.  Which got me thinking.  A while ago Queer Porn TV hosted a live stream of a panel of porn stars at Evergreen, which (being an East Coast blogger)  I just caught the tail end of.  It [...]

Updated: I’m (Trying To) Sell My Soul and Taking You Down With Me

I’m doing a bit of an…experiment.  I’m going to put ads on my page.  Perhaps this will pay for Jae’s student loans, or even just a small portion of my internet bill–I actually don’t know what it’ll get me, if anything.  But I wanted to give you, my possums, the opportunity to either revolt or [...]


I am barely published, possums.  My resumé isn’t miles long.  I long to join the ranks of the bloggers I really admire (you know who you are–I’ve told you.)  Hell, among the writers of all stripes and walks I really truly love.  I do not want to limit myself or put myself in a box [...]